Sunday, December 2, 2012

Changes I love

Now, I mentioned before that a rolling stone loves transitions and changes, just like how a tiger can't change her stripes. Starting from tomorrow, I'm moving on to another hospital for a few months - an exposure essential to a specialty like surgery as amalgamation of skills, experience and knowledge from a wide range of sources makes a versatile and resilient surgeon. We have to be able to cope in different scenario and events. hopefully, this will bade me well if I were to work in an austere condition in the future.

it's also an opportunity for an extrovert to befriend new colleagues and encounter new adventures, albeit just a few kilometres down the road. as i make a brief visit to my new workplace a few days ago, it brought me back to memories of my childhood. the building is just like the old St Mary's or St John. Oh, such warm feelings. i guess if I feel bored, I will just wander in the hospital's expansive gardens or capture photographs of its exteriors. not bad...

and then exams was over! Hurray..time to relax and resume a lot of planning - massive projects in store for 2013-2014. meanwhile, my recovery was in a charming resort somewhere on the island. this is what I see when I open my door for this weekend:

btw, I'm not in Bali - although I wish I was. more ideas for my dream home...still not in existence but I am optimistic God is good and gracious. I'm sure YY and I will be able to find one soon. Thus after a wonderful rest in this resort by the beach, I'm now ready to be deployed in a new workplace. Gambate!

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