Sunday, December 16, 2012

Garden or Hospital?

This is what I see daily as I savour the short walk into my new workplace. The grounds are exquisitely peaceful and uniquely different from any other places I have worked in. I'll give you a few glimpse of this grand old dame of a hospital in the following few pictures (I must say that my handphone camera doesn't do the beautiful grounds much justice).

In its' verdant gardens, there are also a lot of huge stately trees beautifully preserved. You can see the flora and fauna as you walk into the hospital, from the bus stop on Alexandra Road all the way to the 'grand' entrance.

Looking across from the main entrance, we could see a neo-classical fountain with a Grecian figurine and a myriad of flowers - lilies, bougainvilla, etc. Apparently, there are various birds spotted in this garden too..This is truly a place for people to recuperate, recover and get well in.

And as you approach the information counter in the foyer of the main entrance, there is this refreshing, wonderfully-scented Christmas tree that is made of a real pine tree. Quite a beautiful place to work in, I must say... The only downside is that the open grounds made it quite difficult to leave the hospital for food/home/shopping during this rainy season.

Next stop, I'll intend to take more photographs of the colonial building itself as this hospital used to be a British Military Hospital followed by a Japanese military headquarters during the World War 2 before being renovated to the well-equipped, clean and beautifully-designed AH. Hopefully, I will unearth a few of the colourful history (maybe even discovering some lurid/grisly tales from the past) in this hospital before they move to the west in a few years' time. Wondering what is the status of the building then. Cross my fingers and hope they will not alter it too much or destroy the heritage preserved within.

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