Thursday, February 26, 2009

I've been quiet because of this....

For those of you who have been wondering about the sudden disappearance of the CPD..wait no more. I'm back for my therapy session a.k.a blogging about my life. It has been a wonderful week and it started a few months ago when SH and I started the ball rolling about another backpacking trip to somewhere in Southeast Asia.

Of all the places, we decided to go to Java..specifically Jogjakarta and Bandung. I don't know the mechanics behind this random decision but we are really keen to go SHOPPING at Bandung while at the same time, we want to visit some cultural legacy in one of the oldest civilization in this part of Asia. So we planned to land in Jogja and leave via Bandung..bagging in Borobudur, Perambanan, Dieng Plateau and some volcanoes along the way.

Somehow, the group inflated to 6 fun people and the excited gang flew via Air Asia to Jogja, the town of 2Bs : Batik and Borobudur. Stayed at a backpacker's hostel (Delta Homestay) which has a brilliant little pool and garden but very forgettable room and freezing shower! Anyway, the Prawirotaman road area has very quiet mini-hotels which is a good base for exploring Jogja if we are not in a rush. Anyway, we managed to get an overly priced dinner at via-via cafe (which served very small portions for an angmoh place) after booking a big Innova for our exertion from day 2 onwards.

By day 2, we were all ready by early morning to see one of the oldest Hindu temples in Indonesia which was destroyed by an earthquake not long ago. We were anticipating a lot of fallen stones, broken nose (on statues, I mean) etc but it turned out to be very nicely restored indeed...

Despite the rainy weather, the sun was shining very brightly and we happily explored the restored temples by feet. Apparently, there are 3 major temples representing the three gods in Hinduism with their 3 chariots. Pretty fascinating stuff considering the limited technology back in those days.

Coming up at Borobudur!

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BK said...

Let's plan another trip, someplace more quiet and serene, say an island resort?