Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

POP QUIZ 1 : For those of you interested in X-rays, guess what's abnormal in here? Just sth to show that I am interested in my work since I hardly blog about the nitty-gritty stuff that I do daily. Have fun!

Boring medical jargons and images aside, lets see what happened on my extremely busy week. Somehow, the exact moment I am posted here, the tiny city of Ipoh is thrust into national and international headlines. A few of my friends asked me whether I have seen spectacular things happening around and inside the hospital. My answer is a resounding…NO

I mean, this is Ipoh at night. 9 pm on a Friday night. Have you seen any town more peaceful? With the blue lights, it felt like driving in Twilight Zone isn't it? Btw, please pardon silly shaky left hand..i was trying to drive and shoot at the same time!

Other than the nuisance of roads closure, there are hardly much exciting and dramatic turns of events. I guess the drama was mostly in the state assembly, palace and etc while the demonstrations were mostly at night. Therefore, don’t believe everything you see on tv, kids! Anyway, chicken little me was safely ensconced at home or busy working my ass off in the hospital (now that’s what I called dramatic, judging at my thoroughly eventful calls so far) to really go out and witness the aforesaid events.

Anyway, Friday the 13th, I mean, today was a normal, seriously ordinary day for most of us. Other than my heel detaching from my shoes while walking during grand rounds, nothing untoward happened. In fact, my colleagues cheekily commented that I must be starting a new fashion trend judging at how my heel clacked each time I heel-strike. The heel has detached from the sole of the shoe halfway (kind of odd but at least I could still walk) and I was unaware for it until they made the comment.

As I was too stubborn to abandon the grand rounds halfway (my boss was reviewing all the cases in the surgical wards), I noisily walked from 2nd to 7th floor, then across the wards, followed by down to 3rd floor, across the ward again and finally down to ground floor before making my way to the car to rescue my poor feet with another pair of sensible, perfectly-whole shoes. I know my orthopedic friends must be cringing at how we girls (especially yours truly) abuse our feet. I vowed not to wear high-heels to work in Ipoh anymore..the lifts are hardly working as fast as I want!!

On the other hand…two good news! For the first-time ever, I assembled my own furniture. TA-DAAAAA….. This is what I bought from good-old IKEA and with the help of ever-handy PS, we managed to set this up in my room. Actually, I think PS did a lot of the harder work…cheers mate! I’M still a bit pathetic but I am getting there on my furniture-making skills..there might be a long-lost, dormant talent in me yet to be discovered. :-P Oh yeah, we set up the table, not the chair!

Furthermore, I found my CAMERA. Oh yes, oh yes….I was jumping up and down in fits of ecstasy as I held my little, old camera in my hands. I mean, it’s not exactly the most expensive or high-tech camera, it’s just a digital handheld camera that has been with me for ages, but I am one hell of a sentimental girl. I don’t let go of things I love easily. I thought I misplaced or dropped the little thing and was frowning each time I tried searching for it. Ah, I can finally take pics from my own little Ixus again.

Anyway, alls well that ends well. Have a lovely weekend ahead and Happy V-day!

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you are no longer in TI?