Saturday, February 7, 2009

Amazing turns of events

This is the land I am staying in now. The city dotted with pretty limestone hills, calm brooks, tree-lined boulevards, elegant colonial-era shophouses and charming little parks.

It is also a state with a major political upheaval of gigantic proportion which occurred in the past few days. The unfolding drama could rival any Greek tragedy as people of this state grapple with one huge question : Is it fair and legal to have a legally voted goverment dissolved due to the actions of 4 people who were elected because of the parties they represented? And these 4 people have openly did the Judas in front of the entire nation in this quiet little city.

Back to the feelings of the grassroots in Ipoh...I could say that most people I've met in the past few days are displeased with the current issue. The overall sentiment is high and generally, people are in distaste. Even the online blogging community couldn't help but voice their displeasure.

We wouldn't know what to expect in the next few months as there are people who are capable of doing anything to gain power. It is so disheartening and saddening. This further reinforce the need for strong, noble leadership with moral and integrity in our nation.

In the meantime, let us pray for this country as we aspire to be a matured democratic nation, not a place filled with shady deals, broken dreams and fractured community.

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民安 said...

i like yr last para. well said. let's not get too discouraged and lose heart as things seem to spiral out of control and beyond anything that we can do.

we can pray - and believe that our God is powerful enough to make our dreams for a truly matured democratic nation come true.