Thursday, July 31, 2008

My love for the written word

Recently, I have acquired the taste of reading non-fiction articles and blogs. Being a bookworm all throughout my teenage years (& maybe until now), books are priceless treasures that will always gladden my heart. I have learnt early in life that no one can steal knowledge and wisdom away from you. Nonetheless, this newly-discovered interest in self-help and non-fiction books sprung out of nowhere and now I am reading 3 books simultaneously on various issues.

One of my all-time favourite is the ‘Purpose-Driven Live’ by Rick Warren. I have just completed ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie. There is also the famous book on the 7 Habits to achieve an Effective Life by Stephen Covey opened on my desk. I don’t know how I could assimilate all these ideas at the same time but trust me, reading self-help books can be quite illuminating and challenging at times.

Why illuminating? It dawned upon me that I’ve been cultivating wrong habits all this while and perpetuating errors in the way I handle people. Why challenging? There are so many ideas and thoughts that I have yet to bring myself to accept although I do believe that these are very good, noble suggestions. Nevertheless, I’m a fan of this kind of books now.

Then I realized that all these books are written by Western men. It’s not that I have anything against the Western civilization or the male gender. It’s just kind of funny that a lot of fiction and literature materials are written by great female writers but when it comes to good non-fiction, I need to search a while before finding good female writers. Of course, an army of feminists will howl in protest and start hurling names like JK Rowlings, Jane Austen, Virgina Woolf, Agatha Christie, etc but then I start to scratch my head and rethink..

hey they all write fictional, entertaining stories mah. How about some nitty-gritty stuff on world peace, global economy or something like that? (chuckle, world peace is a tribute to all the beauty pageant contestants) Is there someone to accept the gauntlet, this challenge of writing something that can alter the lives of many?

Just the other day, I was wondering whether I could start writing a book on any given subject, especially a non-fiction book. What will it be? Is it possible for a young Malaysian girl to write about something that could transform many people and help motivate someone else?

The normal expectation is that I will write something about medical life and my career but together will my dry style of writing and lack of wit, the end product might be something that is run-of-the-mill, downright boring and uninspiring.

I am still thinking and pondering. Can my online friends suggest any ideas? In the meantime, let me continue to indulge in my twin passions of writing (blogs) and reading (any books whatsoever)

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koolgeek said...

same reason why western men are perceived to be more romantic, better on bed and much more exciting than Asian men.

it's not their fault really. which idiot would not capitalize on such 'attention'.