Saturday, July 19, 2008

Durian Fever

Malaysians love durians. Therefore this is a season of love as we begin to find this thorny fruits in abundant through-out this country. All durian-lovers welcome this period of fruitfulness with eagerness and exuberance. As for me, I haven’t eaten this fruit for nearly 2 years and so I was very eager when a few friends began to tempt me with this indulgence. We made a date to consume this ‘heaty’ fruit on a good Friday evening.

After work one fine Friday as I was walking back home from the hospital, I exited the casualty and lo and behold, there was this car filled with durians. Being a very curious person, I approached the makcik who parked her car quite near the red zone (resuscitation exit) to see what’s going on. To my pleasant surprise, she was selling durians!!

Yup, exactly on the day we wanted to have a durian party, the durians came to us right to our doorstep at the front of the casualty. I was thinking of a durian-related injury or something like that but seriously, only this kind of funny event can occur in a Malaysian hospital. Leave it to the spirit of entrepreneurship! In Malaysia, we not only could find pizzas for delivery but we could even get durians delivered to us!! Moreover, the makcik comes from Kg Gajah, which is a town very famous for good durians in Perak.

I couldn’t resist the temptation and called my friend from the labour room to come out and help me pick some of the fruits. We’ve gotten a handful of big durians at the price of RM10 and within minutes, a group of us were in my apartment eagerly consuming the sweet flesh right after work.

I guess we will never understand why foreigners detest this awesome fruit as we greedily feasted on the scrumptious fruit. Of course we already made a date for the next party! So is anybody keen to join us in D.C for the next gathering? The King (of fruit) is here!

P.S.: Serve me right for being such a glutton. I woke up this morning and lo and behold…pimples! Yup, had a minor breakout on my face due to the ‘heaty’ nature of this marvelous fruit. Should have taken some mangosteens to balance thing out. Hahaha…


cute little angel said...

Durians!!!! I want! :P
The durian season just started? Really hope I'll be back before it's over!
Btw, u bought ALL the durians for RM10?? That's so cheap!
TI is a lovely place. My dad did his govenment service there. I've so much about the place...hehe :)

the cili padi doctor said...

season just started quickly come back and join us in consuming as much durians as u want..

the next day we bought 9 durians for RM15 only. even better! cun gila man.

come visit TI one day with ur dad ler, sure got plenty of good memories reawakened...:-)