Friday, July 25, 2008

My Funny Friend & I

For the first time in my life, I think I have found a girl with the most humourous life and funny spirit. She is working in the same hospital as me and she really does the darnedest thing. I mean, the things that happen when she is around is downright hilarious and offbeat. Of course, this kind of things could be worrisome at times but hey, we always have a good laugh about it later.

For example, we all know that the price of steel and metal products is going up. As a result, metal thieves are having a field day stealing any form of metal things. Covers for potholes, steel pylons and even electrical cables are the most wanted things in Malaysia.

In TI, certain houses have potholes right in the middle of the front gates. In normal scenario, the covers will be intact and functioning well. However, my friend had her pothole cover stolen but we didn’t know about it. On fine night, exactly like Mr Bean, she didn’t see the gaping hole and fell into the open sewage hole. She literally disappeared into the face of the earth before our eyes!

Of course, she suffered from some injuries to her legs but you could imagine our initial shock and the later laughing sessions. It was really now you see her, now you don’t :-p

The next occasion was something that just happened recently. She was having some stomach pain and took a sedating painkiller. Mind you, it was just 1 tablet and she is a healthy young lady. Before long, she became very sleepy due the medication right in the hospital. In fact, she was so drowsy, she fell asleep in the casualty.

Being doctors, her colleagues were so worried that we ran a battery of tests for her and even set her up on an IV drip. However, all she wanted was a good sleep for a few hours and she achieved that…in the casualty department! This sleeping beauty was so knocked-out that when I went to collect her, I sent her home and she proceeded to even more sleep.

So this article is all about my cute friend who lightens up the lives of all her friends. Here's a big cheer to Emily C :-)

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