Thursday, March 27, 2008

Picking up the pieces

Today I finally realized a few things in life that I failed to grasp before this. This self-realization hits me so hard that I will change for the better from now on. I received a piece of news that is quite bad but it's not the end of the world. in fact, i dunno why i m being so upset when i can do nothing about changing the situation. Not only that, tears and depression will never bring about action and results. Instead, being rational and strong could help the situation even more..

Not only that, failure is not the end of everything. If we could rise up from the ashes, that's when real triumph comes. It's when we stay steadfast through the darkest trials, that's when the value of the victory becomes the sweetest.

Furthermore, I know now that i cannot be selfish and fearful of things yet unknown. In times when I am alone, that's when I should develop my own talents, abilities and social circle the most. This is the time that I could walk so closely with God and love Jesus even more that many fruits will bear, that my spiritual life could soar like an eagle.

When things are smooth-sailing, we tend to take things for granted. When the huge storm comes, that's when we find that we are unprepared. If we couldn't weather the little storms in life, then how could we face harder times to come?

I know this is one of my most serious entries to date but I couldn't help pouring out my thoughts as i emerge from the depths of emotional turmoil. The turbulence in my heart is slowly soothe as i churn out these words, one by one. This is the beauty of the written language.

As I brace myself for a few challenges i have to go through on my own the next few months, I pray to God that I will be a shining example of a spirit-filled life..being able to live life to the fullest with the joy of God within me always

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jt said...

Hang in there. Even the strongest storm will pass. As far as I can remember you are the most cheerful and optimistic person.

I'm trying to get rid of the cynical, depressing and grumpy side of me accumulated after years of working. Don't go down that path !