Sunday, March 16, 2008

Here I am..carpe diem i am..joining the massive community of bloggers. gulp.. could finally give my two-cents worth of thoughts as a fun-loving, hyperactive, mostly optimistic surgical trainee. i always feel that being a doctor doesn't mean that life is confined to the four walls of the hospital. I beg to differ from the certain mainstream ideas that we are 'busy' most of the time. yeah, i know that work takes up a lot of our time but our social calendar need not suffer right? look at some of my equally outgoing friends like wei wei and gang. that's what I call living life to the fullest!!

et I am..expressing my views in this time of change. Standing on the threshold of change in our country, beholding the possibilities of things to come, I could only imagine and pray that a better future lies ahead for our nation. I am..fresh from my first climb up Bukit Tabur, post-witnessing a marvellous sunrise over the Klang Valley. Although I'm not a physically strong person (trust me, I am trying to build up strength to be a surgeon but I will get there one day), I love all kinds of outdoor activities. The nature always hold a special allure over me. Hiking up hills and soaking up the early pre-dawn breeze seems to reinvigorate my soul and battered spirits. Not only that, being bathed in the technicolour display of sunrise infuse in me a new determination to seize the day..yup, carpe diem I am..having a newfound confidence and esteem unlike before. Although my thigh muscles are screaming in pain as I descend pathetically down my house staircase, I resolve that I will present properly in the competition next week in Magellan Sutera Harbour, KK, Sabah and learn as much as I can from the more-senior competitors. After all, if we go in a battle with a positive mindset, the war is half-won.

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