Monday, August 2, 2010

A night at the museum

People don't go to museums much nowadays. It's really a waste because museums are treasure troves of culture, knowledge and history, recording important events, things, art, etc for the future generation.

Thoroughly enjoyed myself at a recent event at the Singapore National Museum and Singapore Art Museum. The entire Bras Basah area was packed with human sardines as everything is free. Now Singaporeans love their free stuff, don't they? There was this funny " World Slowest SMS Message" in front of the art museum where ppl SMS in their message and the living billboards will broadcast the message. Realllly slllloooowwww stuffff....

I was infinitely more interested in something fast and furious. Headed to the kickboxing ring in hope of viewing some 'Ong Bak' style action. On the way, encountered this weird graffiti which I don't understand.

Ong Bak or not..I feel like a real lobak waiting for a few scrawny kids going up on this stage doing the muay thai. Not much to shout about, neither was there any blood and gore. Really exemplified the 'cleanliness' this island is so famous about.

Gave up on the free performances as it was really hot and humid (yes, although I grew up in this weather, I have a right to complain on my own blog k?) I find the aerial acrobat quite interesting but it was near the ending so we walked on to this colonial building...the Singapore National Museum.

Very well lighted up indeed. I wish the museums in KL are this cool...

Nice right? I think the museum looks really classy at night. I like the antenna
dish which forms the backdrop the last performance for the night.

It wasn't that packed inside as most people are outside watching the shows. We went into the galleries and it was quite fun. Saw a lot of different clothes from various generations in the past, old movies, art posters,etc.

There was free screening of P Ramlee movies, fashion shows of the 60s and 70s, etc. The whole place was really atmospheric. I found old gramophones, records, photographs of really retro glammed-up movie stars and even magazine covers like Vogue!

There was even an old bicycle, which depicted the old ice cream hawker that goes house to house in the seventies and eighties. Reminded me when I was very very young (like under 5 year old). After that, the ice cream vendor used motorcycles and this thing was phased out.

Our last stop was the Singaporean food section, which displayed a lot of spices and food from the past. I thought there was free food but unfortunately, everything was plastic! What happened to good old Asian hospitality? Hehehe...

I went home feeling very satisfied with my day, chalking up another museum in my list of places to visit in Singapore. Now onto the Zoo, the Barrage and other parks!

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Kim Ong said...

Oh I love that old green bicycle! Reminds me of that old uncle that sold ice-cream in my school my mum used to tell me not to buy from coz apparently he mixed the ice-cream with his feet lolz! (BS!!!)