Friday, September 4, 2009

Talking about Cafe Takahashi

As mentioned earlier, there are very few shopping centres in Perak and needless to say, one of the most popular hang-out place is Kinta City. Come weekends and this place is more crowded than Shinjuku. Of course CPD is quite a regular at this mall and recently, the Ipoh makan gang noticed a spanking new restaurant near the cinema end. Thus, we couldn't resist but try the food there.

I'm quite pleased as it has somehow magically transported me to KL. The ambience and decor is bright, cheerful, airy and reminded me of 1-u. The menu is reminiscent of Pasta Zanmai (another favourite of mine) but with food half the price.

It's still new and being tucked away at a corner, we could find a table easily. I foresee that this place is about to be very packed once word got round about the quality of food and service.

Anyway, CF and I eagerly scanned the menu as both of us are ravenous. The menu was tastefully done and everything looked scrumptious.

I picked the chicken cutlet and mushroom spaghetti. Being Jap-Italian fusion, I actually
enjoyed the 'marriage' of my two favourite cuisine. The sauce was delicious and the chicken just nice.

CF ordered the chicken katsu curry and it was yummy too. The curry is typical Jap style (which is really not spicy at all) while the chicken is the same as mine.

And being girls, how can we forget desserts? There is always room for dessert! Anyhow, we ordered the strawberry cheesecake and I didn't really like it. The layer of strawberry on top of the cake is chewy and the cake overall doesn't resemble what they display on the menu. Maybe we will have better luck with ice-cream and pudding next time.

In short, I'm very glad that Cafe T came to town. Now I can have my Jap-Italian fusion food anytime I'm in Ipoh.

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