Saturday, September 12, 2009

Courage, don't desert me and an interesting township

Busy, busy, busy. 3 weeks in a row in Ipoh and having lotsa of busy calls means that I really miss home (KL). I mean, a girl gotta rest amidst all the eventful activities in the wards and theatre. One of my laporotomy cases last week involved running and pushing the patient’s bed to the operation theatre (along with 4 other doctors and 2 nurses) while he was vomiting blood profusely. 1 day after the operation, he was soon extubated so it can be said that we managed to save him in the nick of time but he is still not out of the woods. Still it was quite a hectic week and I’m very glad for a weekend away from hospital as I go home for some R & R.

I received more news from down south. We are only young once…if I don’t explore and push the limits of my capabilities now, when can I ever try to discover new frontiers again? Of course I always have a twinge of guilt and occassionally, there is this fear of the unknown when it comes to this matter. However, I think there are times when we have to choose a different path and leave our comfort zone. I guess 1 year of preparation is good enough and I shall no longer hesitate or procrastinate on this matter. God shall be my fortress, my strong provider and tower of refuge…

Anyhow, time for more food reviews and gallivating around KL!!

I’ve not visited desa parkcity before despite seeing the place more than 50 times from the PLUS highway. Of course I know about the prices of houses here but I’ve not heard of any places to ‘makan’ within this township before. Now I know better.

Anyway, we dropped by the Waterfront @ desa parkcity and it was a nice, chill-out place. The weather did us a big favour by raining just before that and thus the cool weather really enhances the country-living feel to the entire township.

The small mall has a few entrances and many eateries despite its size. We decided on Ketam Village Steamboat as it was a rainy day and steamboat is always welcomed on a rainy afternoon. The ingredients were simple and quite fresh. Price is mid-range for quite a big meal. What I like most is the view of the serene lake from the restaurant. Not only that, finding parking was a breeze compared to other big malls on weekends (no way we could even go near 1-u, the Curve, Ikano or Midvalley!)

As I spy Rakuzen and another Korean restaurant within the same premise, I have a 'feeling' that I might be going to the Waterfront again, before long :-)

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