Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lost & Found: Perhaps a modern miracle?

This week has been so eventful that I can't help but blog about it. Actually one event trumped it all, the tale of the lost pair of rings. Here goes:

And so Dr L being a busy, multi-tasking, Type A surgeon was juggling work, social life and family happily. One fine Wednesday, there was this gorgeous dinner at Marina Bay Sands after work with colleagues and hubby. Being over-excited as always, she's decided to wear both her wedding and engagement rings...which both carry significant symbolism and price tags. Nevertheless, the dinner went on smoothly and she went home safely.

Early the next day, both Dr L and Dr L woke up early to grab a bus to work as the car is in the workshop. Now the car is in the workshop because Dr L forgot to top up engine oil the Sunday before and the car broke down pitifully on the way back from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. So u see, it's a very tiring and long week packed with long hours at work and commuting. Nevertheless, Dr L was still in high spirits.

She scrubbed in for an operation to remove part of someone's stomach to reduce weight and improve health. The operation went on smoothly. Unbeknownst to her, something very critical has happened on her way out of theatre to go do a few endoscopic procedures. She went into theatre still wearing her rings..but there were none on her finger as she emerged out of the theatre, rushing to do procedures elsewhere.

Thus busy Thursday flew by and she went home. Being an aspirant 'housewife' she decided to cook dinner and after dinner, fell asleep peacefully. Again unknown to her, her rings are not even in her house at this point.

Then came stormy Friday. Upon waking up from a very blissful and dreamless sleep, Dr L suddenly remembered her rings, wanting to store it up at its usual location. Lo and behold! It's gone. Disaster struck...she couldn't find it. The other half was also equally concerned but clueless. He has to go to work for night duty and so he left her to look for it frantically at home. Yet it was not to be found.

She went to work in really low spirits but determined to find her rings. She retraced her steps and interviewed every single person she encountered on Wednesday night and the whole of Thursday. Dr L knew time is not on her side as 24hours has elapsed since the rings were last sighted. She reported the incident to the hospital cleaning services and laundry, hoping something will turn up.

The weekend came. Still no news. She was even on duty on Saturday and has to put this important matter at the back of her mind as she concentrated fully on her surgical patients. Material goods carry certain symbolic meaning but that's all...human lives matter the most.

Not giving up on hope, she began to pray earnestly to God. There is surely a way for the rings to come back as long as it's within God's will. However, God wanted Dr L to learn something. He wanted her to learn to trust him completely and not to think about something she can't change now. Dr L learnt to let go. She surrendered it to God completely. With a heavy heart, she stopped searching on Sunday, 48 hours after the initial loss.

Another 2 days has passed by. No news. By now, she has gained the nickname of Gollum, with her "Preciousssses" gone. Life goes on. Suddenly on Wednesday morning, she received a call from the cleaning supervisors. They found her rings!

It was actually found all the way in the pockets of the surgical scrubs. This had travelled quite far to the hospital laundry services in Singapore's only prison. God has touched the hearts of everyone involved, with all the Singaporeans honestly doing their duty and returning them to their rightful owner.

Of course, Dr L is extremely overjoyed and relieved. It has only been few months since the wedding and with such a busy life, a lot of things happened on the daily basis. Yet one thing remained, the faithfulness and goodness of God trumps the lapse of memory of a human being. God is indeed wonderful and loving!

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