Sunday, March 10, 2013

Satisfying my right-brain

Return of the photographs.

Firstly, it was an eventful week. After a bout of food poisoning (no thanx to a certain Western food outlet in Holland, which I have banned from my list of eating-joints) and a day out of action, I've gotten my first rest day in ages (thoroughly away from the hospital for once).

Secondly, we decided to indulge on a bit of artsy-fartsy adventure. For the first time, we stepped into the sparkling clean art-gallery cum science museum nicknamed the "Welcoming Hand of Singapore". This hybrid of a lotus flower+human palm is also formally known as the ArtScience Museum, located strategically by the Marina Bay Sands. The price is ok for 2 adults (similar to the price of a movie ticket on a weekend). The entertainment and learning value: priceless.

One of the most evocative and philosophical piece is this grey sculpture greeting us near the entrance. Entitled "Hands", it's literally every artist (and surgeons) nightmare.

On the other hand, the vibrant "Yellow" screamed out "look at me! I'm pouring my heart out in all that I do. Can't you see that I'm trying my best." It's one of Nathan Sawaya's most famous pieces, highly featured in magazines, news portal, etc.

"Swimmer" is only seen above water thus we are free to interpret whatever goes beneath the water level. Although replica of a human form, it looks strangely like a blue Lego-alien.

This is a very good 'collaborative' piece as it's made from thousands of donated Lego bricks forming a multicoloured "Peace". I would say this is a very cheerful, hopeful piece.

More human-inspired sculptures greeted us as we walked deeper into the exhibition hall. Does this "Thinker" remind you guys of something in London Tate? Yes, you are gazing at a pixelated tribute to Rodin

And one more cutesy "Ladder" to sum up the various art forms inspired by human body.

Aside from 3D sculptures, Mr Sawaya also made 2D portrait from Lego bricks. This is a picture of B Dylan entitled Bob. Notice the resemblance? It's in this section whereby we can also made 2D portraits of ourselves. Interactive displays for children of all ages, u see...

This "pencil" sculpture is taller the artist. Not only the bricks are wonderful art pieces when put into a genius' hands, what's also quite amazing is that post-construction, he uses special glue to keep the bricks in place. Somehow the Lego remained in position through it all - cranky lorry drivers, air turbulence, cargo planes, children's hands. Yup, has to be once special secret glue to keep it altogether.

Another quirky piece inspired by a musician friend of the artist. Notice the perfectly spherical globe behind? Astounding! Creating a globe out of rectangular bricks is indeed spectacular!

AH, and the final piece-de-resistance, the sculpture that occupied one entire hall by itself..the Tyrannosaurus made out of 80,020 Lego pieces. Mr Sawaya spent one whole summer concocting this marvellous piece and we really sat down and feasted our eyes upon this piece for some time in tribute to his masterpiece.

And finally, my verdict on "The Art of The Brick" : catch it in Singapore before it's gone by mid May 2013! You'll definitely enjoy it if you are a Lego devotee like yours truly...

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