Monday, August 20, 2012

The Day My Life Begin to Change..

It was one of the happiest days of my life. Surely, this is the biggest blessing to come from God this year, thus far. For me, it was an extremely pleasant surprise..

On 9th Aug 2012, the National Day of Singapore, I went to Mandarin Oriental Hotel expecting the best (air-conditioned) seats in the house for the grand National Day Parade at the floating platform downstairs. I went home the next day being so transformed and blessed...I was almost speechless. And it wasn't the luxurious hotel suite nor the wonderful show that took my breath away. Rather it was the sweet, romantic and personal proposal from my darling fiancee, YY...

I guess YY arranged the whole event for a long time - looking at all the effort he has poured into the P.R.O.P.O.S.A.L project and I have never seen him more nervous. My logistics maestro was extremely stealthy and steady in executing the entire event. As for the unprepared me, I am glad I said the right answer to the most important question in my life - YES!

So, amidst grand fireworks bursting behind us at eye level, it was a truly memorable evening. Of course I am glad he recorded it all on film..although strangely I moved out of frame (considering how much I love the camera) and I didn't shed a tear in the beginning (I guess the idea was still sinking into my thick caput)

It was only when we kneel on our knees and prayed for God to shine His light upon us and lead us to right decisions in the our walk together that I begin to cry tears of joy.

And from thereafter, I was grinning from ear to ear at my new 'status' - upcoming new bride in Autumn 2013 and praying that the preparations will allow us to begin our new life together in a meaningful, memorable and loving way!

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