Thursday, December 17, 2009

Once in a blue moon...

Today I got home early. By early, I mean I actually saw some sunlight on the way home. I'm no longer a 'vampiric creature' living in the shadows of the hospital!! Hehehe...It's been 1 month since I've started here, but I felt a sense of belonging like nowhere else. The welcome that I felt has not worn out, nor my initial enthusiasm diminished. In fact, I felt quite motivated after a prayer session with a sister from Trinity last night. The spiritual climate here is so warm and encouraging; so much so that I'm motivated again : maybe it's time to get involved in some ministry soon? Now that's a happy thought!

I was reminded that I could do all things through Him who strengthened me, and that I could shine brightly for Christ in my workplace and personal life. Of course, there are difficult decisions that I will have to make along the way, but as long as I make my choices out of love and in the Holy Spirit, I know that God is with me and approves of what I am doing.

Anyhow, I had a moderately busy call (which reminded me of Ipoh Hospital) and I was very surprised at myself : I was drop-dead tired after 36hours in the hospital and that's unusual. In retrospect, I guess I haven't had a busy call for the past 2 months and I lost the usual 'call stamina'. Gone were the days when I could actually stay up until midnite after a night of oncall. I fell asleep in the bus and crawled onto my bed the moment I reached home. It really reminded me of my first call in HKL and Ipoh, respectively...but then again, I usually go home bone-tired after my calls in KL and Ipoh so it felt quite deja-vu..

Not only that,in the middle of my call, I had a big scare regarding some administrative problem from a particular Malaysian hospital. Finally settled my problems with the admin staff (after recovering from a really worried state) after my dad's intervention and a few costly phone calls. The final word is that I'm absolutely grateful; plus ever so glad and happy that I don't have to deal with some of these government hospitals ever again!!! Phew!


moses said...

what big scare ? must be from the ipoh hosp admin staff ! they are bloody incompetent, lazy and have a 'tidak apa' attitude. probably thay spend more time in the canteen stuffing themselves silly than doing their work.

moses said...

with all the news circulating regarding the hospital pengarah, no wonder it's true when they say ' when a fish rots, it always start from the head. think the health system here is beyond redenmption already, way past it already considering the prevailing mindset in these people.

moses said...

come lah, publish my comments. it's the truth and it should be revealed. at least, warn other doctors about them so that they won't fall victim to them

the cili padi doctor said...

actually, i dun mind publishing your comments because I am having a strong dislike for what is happening over there.

firstly, they actually threatened me a lot of stuff for 'missing' from work. i have resigned, wtf! i settled that eventually but it left me a very distasteful feelings and i will never work in a government hospital in Malaysia again.

secondly, a lot of my friends who are very senior in the service are still stuck in the U41 category and I feel that it's grossly unfair. Some of them are very hardworking, brilliant ppl and I feel very very sad for them

thirdly, the general assumption is that a few arms of the civil service, doctors, for examples, are working way harder than what they are compensated for. I know most of us are not driven by the financial aspects of it but some of us have loans, families etc to take care of.

thats when a lot of doctors have to do locum, side business, direct sales, etc...just to survive. what kind of professional discontent are we breeding?

that's why the brain drain happened and is still happening...

moses said...

totally agree with you. the brain drain is not only restricted to doctors.

in singapore, meritocracy rules. if you are good, you won't be hindered. So, leave the past behind and concentrate on your future.

that's why for future generations, especially the malaysian chinese and indians, their future lies elsewhere. they don't have a sense of equality.

the policy makers will never wake up. by the time they do, it's too late.