Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1K, 10K, 100K

My first 1000 hits. Let me savour this moment and say it again. My first 1000 hits. Aahhh...The exact reason this eager-beaver is so happy about. I was grinning when I stared at the computer today and looked at my hit counter. After more than a month, I have finally gotten my page viewed 1000 times.

Duh...What? a milestone?..that's how comical my career as a blogger really is. Isn't it funny? Or is it pathetic? I think I am just too enthusiastic. but this blogging do occassionally trigger some kiasu, kiasi streak in me. Maybe I should start inserting some heavy-duty government-bashing articles or some thought-provoking, ground-breaking philosophical thoughts that might win me a Nobel prize one day. Or, I could start putting some 'ahem' pictures of myself in the style of those clubber blogger-extraordinaires from Singapore (if I am deluded enough to think that I have such mind-blowing 'assets')..what do they call it? Cam-whoring pictures? Errr..no thanks lar.

So therefore, I have resigned to the fact that I could only afford putting pictures of inanimate objects taken with my old Canon Ixus 4 megapixel little digital camera (which has followed me faithfully for the past 5 years). For example, this sentimental picture of a nice classic watch reminded me of the time when I was young and unable to own a watch in school. My parents were very strict on me and think that I should not own expensive personal items as a child (afraid I might lose it) so I always sit on the left of someone who has a watch and find an excuse to glance at the time on their 'branded' Mickey Mouse or the Colour Club watch. Maybe that's how I learn to treasure each and every single person and thing in my life..because of my parents' good influences on me.

Ooops, back to my original story. Anyway, I never realized that bloggers have so much fun until I start reading all kinds of blogs. Funny, sad, interesting, cute, informative..you name it, we've got it. And so many doctors blog as well. Although most of them blog about their doctor-patient encounters, life experiences, etc, I find that it's so refreshing to see them being so open about their lives and to list down their trials and tribulations of being a doctor. We could even blog about the quality of the banana down the street (which is scrumptious in Sabah by the way), or the latest toy bear we buy on our vacation (I loaned Timmy from his daddy for my vacation and I think he is the perfect model-Timmy, I mean) or the latest exciting movie in town that everyone has watched except for me (I wonder if anyone wanna catch Iron Man with me?)

Today I found another reason to be happy..I passed my exam (which I paid more than 1 K for) which I sat for 1 month ago. It's quite surprising considering I was in emotional turmoil during that period of time and couldn't really concentrate on revisions. Maybe it's a sign from God telling me to hang on tight to my dream of becoming a surgeon and He will be there for me when I feel the weakest.

However, next comes the 10 K dilemma. I need to consider whether to sit for the final part of this UK exams by end of this week and cough out 10 K for the exams in August in Singapore. To sit or not to sit, that is the question. To me, it's quite a substantial amount of money and I really need to put on my thinking cap and decide....

Some people call all these foreign exams a money-making scheme (for them, not for us). A few friends (fellow doctors) sat for their exams so many times that one day, they collectively sighed and resignedly told me that they could have bought a nice house (just like the picture above??) with that amount of money. No wonder private colleges are mushrooming like mad everywhere..this mad dash for degree and recognition is a real cash cow. And yours truly is contemplating whether to jump into the bandwagon and spend 10 K in exchange for a piece of paper :-)

Guess human beings are all similar. We look for a purpose in life. If not, we will be half hanging in the air, half submerged in the sea..neither here nor there (just like us when we were parasailing) That's why we educate ourselves and seek to improve ourselves so that we don't degenerate and stagnate in life. When we have a definite aim in life, we have something to look forward to and we will not drift about aimlessly.

On a even more sober note, more than 100 K Chinese people may be affected by the recent earthquakes. Please find a way to help out....my heart goes out to all the people involved and do continue to pray for the rescue work in China and also in Myanmar.


Anonymous said...

I like the photo of the mountain partially wrapped with the fleecy white clouds. It's the perfect pic for your title "Dreams & Changes." Cool... Go for it! Pay the $10K gal and realise your dream of being the cili padi surgeon...

benson said...

Ponder no more... Go for it!
Pay the 10K for that glory piece of paper. It's definitely worth the money when dream and passion is concern.